Prantae Solution is presently focusing on four innovative projects.




A smartphone based self health monitoring device for kidney health through urine albumin analysis. Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is one of the major health risk to geriartic, hypertensive, diabetic, obesity and primary renal disorders population. Unfortunately, early chronic kidney disease has no signs or symptoms and remain undetected till well advanced. However, the urine albumin analysis can reveal the kidney health long before the clinical manifestation. The present method for the urine albumin analysis is not very sensitive to enable ealy detection and pathological lab dependent. ProFlo-U addresses the problem through an innovative highly sensitive biochemistry for protein albumin analysis over a braoad range (30mg/L to 3000mg/L). To enable easy and convenient detection of this biochemical reaction, a miniaturized spectrophotometer has been designed as a mobile phone attachement which can tarnslate the intearction into a digital value with a customized software interface.


Supported by Tata Trust-Harvard SAI Social entrepreneurship grant and MSME  grant.




An early detection platform for pregnancy disorder Preeclampsia. The disorder has 10% prevalence rate with 18% maternal mortality and 15% preterm birth load share. The present innovation focuses on detection of the disorder withing early 2nd trimester to ensure better management to save the life of mother and child. EyeRa is an amalgamation of Physics principle of ‘Plasmon Resonance Energy Transfer’ and an innovative spectroscopic technology that stand between ‘Dynamic Light Scattering’ and Florescence Correlation Spectroscopy’. It will precisely quantitate the biomarker ‘microRNA’ using a plasmonic biosensor. The innovation will be a major intiative towards ‘Respectful Maternity Care’.


Supported by DBT-BIRAC Social Innovation Immersion Program and Tata Trust Harvard SAI grant.




A tasty initiative to fight against hidden hunger. Hidden hunger is the pandemic that is impacting 33% of world population. Hidden hunger or the micronutrient deficiency leads to compromised mental and physical health promoting various disorders and diseases. Pregnant women and child are the major sufferers beside others. We as a biotechnology company wants to initiate a project of micro-nutrient fortification of bakery product to fight against hidden hunger. The initiative will be based on co-creation of the fortified product from Creator-Innovator-Consumer team. The culturally accepted mode of delivery without any behavioural change.

Awarded as the best idea in the CAMTech-X 2017 Bhubaneswar.




A detection platform for antibiotics in food product. This will be addressing the pertinent problem that the entire globe is dealing with, i.e., AMR (Anti-Microbial Rsistance)  that is propagating through food chain and developing resistant strains of pathogens.  India is one of the top consumers of agricultural antibiotics worldwide, accounting for 3 percent of global consumption. By 2030, this use is estimated to double. We are developing a platform that will be an ammulgamation of highly sensitive nano-particle based biosensor, plasmonics, microfluidics and optics coupled with electronically fabricated microprocessor based technology. The application of nano-particle based biosensor will enhance the sensitivity and reduce the running cost. In addition involvement of plasmonics will make the detection process very rapid almost real time basis. Furthermore,the application of suitable optical geometry and electronic fabrication of micro-processor will effectively reduce the foot print of the reading device while retaining its robustness and reliability. The device would be small, portable with simple read-outs for convenient deployment for on field  operations by even non-technicians.

Supported by DST NIDHI PRAYAS grant.

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