Organization Name: Prantae Solutions Private Limited

Registered As: One Person Company

CIN: U73100OR2015OPC019016

Founded: 1st June 2015

Locations: Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India


Contact Number: +91-9873370686, +91-8763459700




Prantae Solutions aims to create affordable technologies for rare and neglected disorders by translating state-of-art interdisciplinary research into medical devices and interventions. Prantae is a Bengali word that means “at the edge”. The founders have opted for this name to signify that they have been pushed to the edge to look for innovative low-cost technologies to address a long-neglected life-threatening problem, the pregnancy disorder – Preeclampsia (pregnancy-induced hypertension). It works towards the universal goal of creating better health opportunities in India. Its present focus is on identification of sensitive and specific biomarkers for pregnancy-related disorders, and development of technologies that enable their detection. It aims to translate state-of-the-art research findings to create platforms for diagnostic laboratories and sensitive, modular, portable devices for point of care and self-health monitoring device segment here.




Need identification: This has been the most important aspect for Prantae that enables it to create technologies for target diseases relevant to India. This is achieved through immersion, desk research and market survey

Innovation: Prior to initiating any technology development, the Prantae Team enables brainstorming for possible technological solutions among its core team and collaborators. Expert advice on the feasibility of the solution is debated and agreed upon. Stakeholders’ view on the offered solution is also sought. Laboratory scale experiments are initiated to evaluate adaptation of the technology.

Technology Development: Prantae believes that development of affordable diagnostics cannot be done based on out-dated science. They have been trying to drive latest research findings in physics, chemistry and biology for translation into affordable yet reliable diagnostics that are extremely sensitive to the disease even when clinical symptoms are not apparent. Prantae’s partners in academia and social sciences are crucial entities of the technology development cycle who help them steer confidently into new frontiers.


List of Grants Received:


Tata-Trust Harvard-SAI IITD Social Entrepreneurship Grant(2016)

MSME Entrepreneurship development Grant (2017)


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